MembraneCurvature derives 2D curvature profiles from an AtomGroup of reference. To help you to get the most out of the MDAnalysis MembraneCurvature tool, we designed tutorials with nice visualizatons covering different types of MD systems!

You can find the list of available tutorials below:

How to calculate curvature of a lipid bilayer of lipid composition POPC:POPE:CHOL and a 5:4:1 ratio from a Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation carried out using the Martini force field [Marrink2007].


Use MembraneCurvature to derive 2D maps from a membrane-protein system with the NhaA antiporter [Kenney2018]. MD simulations were carried out using the CHARMM36 force field [Huang2013].




M. Kenney, Ian; Fan, Shujie; Beckstein, Oliver (2018): Molecular dynamics trajectory of membrane protein NhaA. figshare. Dataset. MDAnalysis. figshare. Fileset. doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.7185203.v2.


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